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Splash Mountain Rap - The Most Important Video of Our Time (x)

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Disney Princesses by by SofiBS

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Whedonverse Appreciation | Zoe Washburne

[5/5] Quotes

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ultimatedisneyblog: lion king 1 1/2

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All at once everything looks different, now that I see you.

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So, these are things that should happen:





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Harriet took this Boxx thing a bit too literally.




Harriet took this Boxx thing a bit too literally.


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Yet another review! (Our collection is getting a bit ridiculous. Oh well)

Those bows are made up of two orders! The first one was put through in January, and was for all but the last pictured

We each gave yourselves an amount, and then picked away! Amber got a bit less since she went for some slightly more expensive bows. She got Mickey’s PhilharMagic, Fantasmic (with the light, of course! Only way to go!) Enchanted Belle, and the Drizella mini - which I had previously lost and we had to replace *hangs head in shame* but it’s okay, cause then she lost our Perry mini, so we’re even!

Anyway, then I got Ice Princess, Snow Queen, Best Buddies Ice Princess and Snow Queen (bit of a Frozen represent there!), Park Merida, and Chip!

All were, as usual, gorgeous and high quality. We received them in May, while we were at Disney - we had originally put our friend’s address in New Jersey for shipping, since she was coming to Disney with us so we figured we’d save a bit on shipping, but as it got nearer to the trip, I wasn’t sure they’d be sent out in time, so we contacted Hayley and asked if we could send extra money to have them shipped home to Canada. Instead, she ended up being able to get them delivered to us at our hotel!

**Oh, I almost forgot! Not pictured above, we also got a Duchess bow! Well, another one. The clip broke on ours, and I let Hayley know. She told she to just mail it back to her, and she’d fix it, so we did. As it turns out, she just gave us a new one instead, which was sent along with the above order!**

We made the second order in February, when she announced she had a limited supply of park maps left for the park map bows, and we knew we needed to get those before they were no longer available! We already had Epcot, so we got Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom!

We love our bows, and we love ordering when we can - as it is, we have more than we’ve ever been able to wear at the parks. There were six of us girls in May, each wearing a different bow every day, and we still didn’t get to showcase them all. The wait time is always worth it, and although we’re not sure when we’ll be able to place another major order (might be a while this time), there’s no doubt we will order again!

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